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18th June 2020 at Srinakharinwirot University (Prasarnmit Campus), Bangkok, Thailand

The 10th Arts and Cultural Network Project, Workshop and Festival of Arts, Music and Performing Arts.

(Creativ-Space-International: CSI)


The Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University sets up a goal in the Financial Year of 2020 to cooperate with contemporary art and culture organizations. The project begins with countries in the ASEAN community, which are driven with contemporary art and culture in order to connect, exchange and share artists’ practical knowledge and skills, and to provide contemporary art and culture exhibition.

The 10th Arts and Culture Network Project, Workshop and Festival of Arts, Music and Performing Arts (Creativ-Space-International: CSI) is an ongoing project, provided the activities in art, music and performing art, which are the main pillars of the ASEAN community in the ASEAN Social – Cultural Community (ASCC). This aims to promote knowledge and understanding about the ASEAN to youth and Thais, as well as to expand the cooperation to exchange creative works at the international level.


1. to disseminate knowledge in art and culture in the form of workshop and learning exchange about art, music and performing art by higher art and culture network in Thailand and the ASEAN countries for youth and public.

2. to provide a forum to exchange knowledge and present creative works in art, music and performing art in Thailand, the ASEAN and the international levels.

3. to provide academic services in art and culture for youth and other people who are interested in, and to create a good understanding of preparation to become the ASEAN citizen and be a world citizen by using art and culture as medium.

4. to create a network of ASEAN art and culture in preserving and strengthening culture heritage, as well as create opportunities for future academic cooperation.

Keynote Speaker

Professor Naraphong Charassri, PhD
Professor Naraphong Charassri, PhD(Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
Topic: ……….
Associate Kamol Phaosavasdi, MFA
Associate Kamol Phaosavasdi, MFA(Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
Topic: ……….